Agritur Al Canyon

About Valley of the Canyon.. 


he Val di Non is also known as the Valley of the CANYON to pay tribute to the wonderful work that the impetus natural water has created a millenary work with eroding the hard rock “dolomite”.

Cloz Just a small town where we live and there invite you to come visit us, was made one of the most beautiful nature trails to see how the force of nature and human ingenuity have transformed the landscape: THE RIVER PARK NOVELLA. In 2003, when, in a steep terrain downhill of the country, we planted the first vines of our Groppello, we realized that on certain days you had to speak up because otherwise the scrubbing water of the stream Novella covered the sound of our voice.

What we offer.




Our company is mainly family-run farm..

3 people working full-time…
  • Massimiliano
    Massimiliano Son
  • Andrea
    Andrea Father
  • Gianluca
    Gianluca Son

More about Us

A little later in 2005, a few steps further downstream of our vineyard was inaugurated on the path along the gorge of the river. Then it seemed nice to write on the label of our wine “Products of the Canyon” today, because our farm is one of the last houses you meet when you walk along the road that leads to the Cloz mills built along the Novella, it seemed even more appropriate to give the name to the Canyon Farms.